INSIGHT – Graeme Burress: Present Tense

insight graeme burress present

Uploaded by Hyperlite Wakeboards. The Graeme Burress story is one we can all relate too, everyone faces challenges or knows someone close who has. INSIGHT “Present Tense” shares the life challenge Graeme was faced with, what he lost, how he pushed through it and how he feels looking back over it today. It’s no secret he was on the rise with Hyperlite, he had so much momentum, a new Pro Model Wakeboard in the works, the Wishbone and a fat contract to tie it all together. Watching him jeopardize such a bright future was tough and while we had to part ways business wise, we kept in touch with both Graeme and his family. Early conversations were simply about Graeme’s safety and stability, ensuring he knew it was ok to get help. Time passed and both Joy and Dusty kept us informed on Graeme’s progress and mindset. The best day was when Graeme texted us asking for a new Wakeboard set up because he wanted to go riding. Hyperlite had saved a Wishbone for Graeme with his name on the graphic and we happily sent it his way. This was the beginning of a great comeback story and from this point everything began to move back in a healthy direction with respects to his relationship with family, friends & Hyperlite. Nobody can Wakeboard like Graeme Burress, but we all can push through life’s challenges and support those around us who just need some empathy and understanding. So “Present Tense” for Graeme is today, right now he’s is strong – on and off the water, full of passion for Wakeboarding and having a blast with the Hyperlite team while doing so. Needless to say Hyperlite is stoked and so proud of his true friends, his family and of Graeme himself for believing he could push through and earn back what was his! –Much Respect from HyperliteWake Family.

Directed by: Trever Maur

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