INSIGHT – Graeme Burress: The Section

insight graeme burress the section

Uploaded by Hyperlite Wakeboards. INSIGHT culminates with “The Section”, a product of hard work, creativity and raw talent by both pro cable rider Graeme Burress and videographer Trever Maur. There are no words that can accurately describe Graeme’s section, the Wakeboarding is jaw dropping, including so many “Never Been Done” tricks and super gnarly maneuvers. There is so much amazing cable riding packed into 4 minutes & 22 seconds that watching “The Section” leaves you exhausted at the end. Graeme’s goal was this: “I wanted to take my favorite simple tricks to bigger features and unique settings.” He accomplished that – and so much more. “The Section” is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and everything has led to this. We are stoked to share Graeme’s INSIGHT Series with you, the story of an amazing talent, a comeback and the triumph of a rider we have tremendous respect for. Graeme received plenty of support during this journey from his family, friends and sponsors. This wouldn’t be possible without them, especially his Mom, Dad & siblings. Graeme also wanted to give a shout out to the crew at MotoWinch for providing the perfect pull, to the Gov at CWC & Republic for continuing to invest in the sport and his progression with their incredible parks and to Hyperlite for providing a 2nd chance at his dreams and some damn fine Wakeboards and Bindings!

Presented by MotoWinch

Video Production: Trever Maur

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