adidas skate copa court sydney

adidas Skateboarding /// Skate Copa Court Sydney

Uploaded by adidasSkateboarding. Adidas skateboarding presents Skate Copa Court Sydney, Australia. Unlocking a new location under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and celebrating GSD, Skate Copa Court saw the entire skateboarding community gather together in one iconic spot. Australia’s own Dennis Durrant designed the Blackbird feature for all to session. Featuring Dennis Durrant, Tom Snape, Jae […]

the syndicate 2017 ep 1

THE SYNDICATE 2017 – Episode 2 Loris

Season 2017, Episode 2. Uploaded by The Syndicate. THE SYNDICATE is back. This time around we follow one of the newest recruits, Loris Vergier, around his home in Cagne-sur-Mer. Loris gives us the lowdown on racing in denim, Ferrari-esque cars and the fast-life of twisting throttles near white sandy beaches and then it’s on to […]

dc anto chamberland raw & uncut

DC Shoes – Anto Chamberland Raw & Uncut

Uploaded by DC Shoes. DC Snowboarding Global Team rider Anto Chamberland is known for some of the most polished and death-defying video parts we’ve seen. In a break from this norm, the DC Films Team taped and glued together over 8 minutes of raw mind-blowing eye-candy action from Anto’s Winter 2017 season. Grab some popcorn, […]

fast life with loïc bruni 2017 ep 3

Fast Life with Loïc Bruni – Let’s Go Over The Bars

Season 2017, Episode 3. Uploaded by Red Bull. Everybody loves a winning streak. But the beauty of streaks is that they are binary, like 1’s and 0’s. They either continue…or they don’t. Fort William was a streak tester for Rachel Atherton. Suspension is the bling of downhill racing. See where modern downhill bike suspensions systems […]

this is home greg minnaar

Shimano – Greg Minnaar: This is Home

Uploaded by SHIMANO. The schedule of one of the most successful downhill racers of all time doesn’t allow for much time to spend with family or friends, yet somehow – Greg Minnaar makes it work. This past winter, we paid him a visit in his hometown of Pietermaritzburg to film the latest episode of This […]